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CSA is located in Traverse City, Michigan. We specialize in custom apparel, equipment, uniforms, and accessories to help personalize your team’s attire or promote your brand. We work closely with well known industry and retail brands to combine the best of the basics with sought-after fashions trending now. Our trend-setting distributors are optimized to process your orders with speed and accuracy.

We hope you have a healthy, happy, and successful 2017.


Contact: (231) 534-1664 | Email: info@csaequip.com



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I go about purchasing products through CSA?

CSA products can only be purchased through our authorized dealers. Please contact us through email or phone to order/receive additional info through a sales representative.


Do you offer samples? What is your sample program?

Sizing samples can be requested free of charge. Credit card information must be given if products are not returned. 


When ordering custom apparel, what is the standard lead time?

You can expect your order within 3-6 weeks, after artwork and/or other customer specifications are completed.


How does the online TEAM STORE Work?

CSA's Free Online Team Store is a tool made especially for coaches/organizations to take away the ordering hassle for paper flyers and money handling. Each Team Store has a specified "OPEN" and "CLOSE" date. Please refer to your team store to see exact dates. All customer orders are processed at the END of the Team Store "CLOSE" date. (As if you were turning in a paper flyer and submitting them at the due date). Please allow 2 weeks after the official "CLOSE" date to recieve all orders.


What is the TEAM STORE Return Policy?

Items purchased through our team store are final due to each piece being unique per store. Orders with with quality issues may be returned and exchanged/fixed. If you would like to cancel your order before the official close date, please contact us.


Please note: not all apparel are available in all sizes. Please see individual product for size selection.


Service area

CSA is located in Traverse City, Michigan and proudly serves customers both here at home and across the nation. Contact us today! 

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